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Welcome to the outraging land of art delivered by Arjun arts. We come with a wide range of artifacts keeping intact both heritage and quality to give you the best experience.

Quality Marble

We provide you with murtis made with premium and high-quality marble that’s long-lasting.

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Our team tries to make it cost effective offering you the best products and services at the best prices.

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Years Of Practical Experience

Excelling The Art

With more than 55+ years of skilled and practical experience, we guide you towards the finest perfections of various art forms.
About Arjun Arts

Sculptures\Murtis made for you by A Multiple Award Winning Craftsman.

At Arjun arts, we talk you through final art pieces showcasing exceptional beauty and heritage. Beauty lies within each stroke which is father surrounded by mesmerising spiritual Odyssey.
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happy customers
We have promised services to many clients over the years. Arjun arts has a professional touch and the company is dedicated to providing the best Marble art services, giving the clients with utmost satisfaction and happiness.
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120+ events and exhibitions
Our gallery offers a wide range of unique and mesmerising handcrafted artefacts. Each of these pieces carries some or other story that connects to you, making you understand the existence of Magic and miracles of heritage.

Arjun Prajapati


55+ Years Of Experience In Craftsmanship

Winning Many Awards throughout his career, both for Arjun arts and his impressive craftsman spirit. Mr. Arjun Prajapati is extensively known for his Pottery and Sculptures.

He made many beautiful sculptures in which one of his famous works is “The Bani Thani

We Provide Best Service

By choosing Arjun Arts you ensure that you get the best experience with your online purchases. The variety of options to choose from combined with the excellent quality of our products makes It, an irresistible force that will definitely touch your heart and provide satisfaction.

About Arjun Arts Banithani

Sculptures\Murtis made for you by A Multiple Award Winning Craftsman.

Arjun Ki Bani Thani– The precious sculpture.

The sculpture of the beautiful woman- Bani Thani, brought the title of Padam Shree to Mr. Arjun Prajapati.

The original sculpture is two-foot tall, delicately sculpted, beautifully carved in clay, and draped with a special delicate cloth.

Mr. Arjun was inspired to mold this sculpture by seeing a beautiful woman drenched in rain whose face was half-covered with a veil.

In the Rajasthani language, a woman is called bani-thani when she is dressed beautifully and embellished with ornaments.

Thats how the sculpture got its name- Arjun Ki Bani Thani
It became very popular in the country and the world because of the graceful drapery on the face.

Its replications are available at the store. They are made with makrana marble, the whitest and the best marble. The sculptures are vibrant, lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable. They are passionately carved by talented craftsmen.

The sculptures are so exquisite, a person cannot take his/her eyes off them.

Our Class

Why choose us?

Because beyond supplying astounding artifacts we also prioritize customer satisfaction. Which is at the core of our philosophy.

Custom Design

Custom Design

From the initial concept to the finished Murtis, we have been immensely creative and skilled in the case of designing custom murtis and sculptures.

Trusted Professionals

Trusted Professionals

Experienced artisans are there who can ace any art of sculpting. Be it any size, any style, or any design, you name it, and we make it.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We assure you of premium quality materials in the manufacturing process, whether marble, bronze, or fiber.

Pottery Class

Pottery Class

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See All Classes that can increase your creativity

Digital Art

Digital Art

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Contact us

Contact Us

Join us now to turn your marble dream into reality. Arjun arts, we tend to offer the best quality marbles with quality craftsmen that work wonders and scream out heritage.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Your satisfaction is important to us so we go away and beyond to ensure you are satisfied without coming. Get ready to say ‘HELLO’ to a new version of spirituality with us.

Our Process

How do we work?

We work with the best pieces of equipment and professionals around the world to give you the best experience in Marble art and sculptures in just 3 simple steps. .

Choose what you want

Feel free to choose what you desire. Within the immense designs choose the one which would fill your face with good wives and positivity.

Sit with the professionals

We commit responsibility with professionalism to our customers at Arjun arts. Explain whatever you need and want to help our team to work for you.

Enjoy your artefact

Get your Marble art ready in no time, with the best services possible at the best prices.

“India..a perfectly wonderfull country, may have been motivated by a lack of self esteem”……..

William J. Chinton


Winner of awards and hearts- Mr. Arjun Prajapati

Mr. Arjun Prajapati won a lot of things throughout his life. Being an excellent Craftsman, he was very skilled at understanding what each customer desired so he could provide the utmost satisfaction and he put every effort into seeing a smile on their face. And we plan on keeping the tradition alive.


Let us take you to the land of divine handcrafted tales!

We would love to create a network for art lovers and enthusiasts. Thus, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us.
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